Because sex can cause accidents

Because sex can cause accidents
Because sex can cause accidents

I just keep thinking “We’ll just tell her we ate it…” Sex can be dangerous. Not just when you’re playing rough or when your equipment malfunctions because it wasn’t reinforced into a support beam, but if you’re inexperienced and you don’t know the way your partner’s body works and responds, you could be setting yourself up for an accident.

That’s when TLC’s new show “Sex Sent Me To The ER” comes in. Because If you fuck up fucking up… we all get to laugh at you.

When my father first started working as an EMT he told me about a woman who was a crack whore who they made a call on who’d had anal sex so rough that her rectum collapsed and the dude left so fast that he left the condom inside her.  Ok that’s not a funny story… that’s messed up.  And is so horrifying I’ll tell you, it has scared the hell out of me to such an degree that it’s one of those thoughts that runs through my mind when I’m having sex with someone.  No one needs that.  And not all stories are funny. Doubt TLC will tell those.

H/T to Jezebel for this. But I do not agree the “The Learning Channel” is no longer a “learning channel” I think there are teachable moments in this show – reinforces your sex swing being one of them.

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