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1995 Called: They Want their Website Back

1995 Called: They Want their Website Back

Bad website no cookieEvery day I get a question about website design, new media consulting firms, and social media integration into your website or new media outreach.  Some of the most basic questions like “what should I do” or “how much should I pay” all comes down to what you want to get and what your goals and aims are.

Thus I’ve put together a handy list of mistakes and suggestions as well as the typical questions and how to answer them.

1.  Highly customizable websites don’t mean they’re good websites.

Many firms want to charge you very little to do proprietary websites under the guise of it being 100% about YOU and stand out have that design firm create it from scratch for you.

Here’s why this is bad:

  • You ultimately have no control over your own website after it’s designed
  • Customized websites are BAD for SEO
  • You can’t update your own content without your consultant
  • You can’t create additional pages, posts, information, or content that brings people back to your page without your designer or consultant

Let me also expand on this idea of something standing out and being 100% you.  Having a website that is all about you is what websites were for in the 1990′s.  Web 2.0 deign and outreach is more about simple, easy, uncomplicated design that has information that is engaging.

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